Widget not working on AJAXed website


I’ve asked this question before and didn’t make any progress on the issue so I’ll try again. I have an ajaxed/html5 site which pulls in a new twitter widget with each page load. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when I receive this error in my console “TypeError: this.sandbox is undefined http://platform.twitter.com/widget.js line 32” which results in the linked text showing up “Tweets by @leftasrain” - I’d say it happens with 50% of my page loads. Here’s my site http://beta.leftasrain.com navigate through links and surely you will see the twitter widget disappear at some point. In my twitter widget settings I have “leftasrain.com” and “beta.leftasrain.com” - any help on this subject would be great. I’d love to use this widget but it looks like it’s just not ready for advanced navigation techniques.

Here’s the previous post: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/12448 - I had initially thought the issue was fixed on Twitter’s end because the site was functioning fine for days - now the issue has suddenly popped back up again.


undefined on Twitter
undefined has undefined Followers