Widget not working in IE


My twitter widget on my site renders in every browser except for Internet Explorer. I never saw a solution in previous posts about this. Anybody help? Thanks for your time.



Was it IE7? We just pushed a Javascript fix for users of that browser.


no, @kurrik, actually this problem has gone quite global, as clients are getting edgy and all websites with the twitter widget have stopped!.. :frowning: any help?!..


You’re going to have to describe the issue you’re seeing. Do you have any error messages you can reference? Is this local to one IP or set of accounts? Which browser are you using? Is there a test site you could show me which reproduces the error?


It doesn’t show up at all. That’s the issue.


I know this is an old post, but I have just started to have the same problem with internet explorer 8 and my site www.bradfordwestrotary.org
The widget works in other browsers but not in ie8 although it did until recently.