Widget not working - Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird. Check for Tweets


I’m trying to create a widget with search and no matter what key words I put in (#iphone #food), nothing will work and it will always display:

“Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.”

Is there a bug?

Empty Timeline for search based widget reproduction
Embed advanced search widget gives empty timeline
Empty-timeline-for-search-based-widget-reproduction Act II
Intermittent “Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird.” Message
Empty-timeline-for-search-based-widget-reproduction Act II

I am having the exact same issue
Please check https://twittercommunity.com/t/hmmm-an-empty-timeline-thats-weird/63711/1
and Embed advanced search widget gives empty timeline

If you get any working solution can you please post it here, cause this is a problem for me as well

Can anyone help us?

Intermittent “Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird.” Message


I having exactly the same issue since 20:44 CET Time - 3/22 2016

I try with a different popular search : no result
I try with a new widget : no result
I try from another account : no result.

Every other widget features work fine : lists / User Timeline / Collection / Liked

Only the search is down and doesn’t sort any results.

Thanks by advance for any information about this issue.


Thanks for the report everyone. We are currently investigating this.


I think this is related to our posts here


I noticed something since my last message.

On 22:55 CET Time one tweet has been shown via the widget on my website.

Nothing since 20:44 CET and until 22:55 CET.
Nothing since 22:55 CET.

But strangely when I check my widget via twitter website / settings / widget it doesn’t show the tweet I have on my website. (http://rkc.noip.me radio station).

Hope it can help.


This was a bug in one of our systems, which has been addressed. Thank you for the reports, and for your patience while we got it sorted.

Sorry about the interruption in service, and the delay in getting it fixed. Trust that we take such problems seriously, and that we’ll be taking steps to ensure we catch it more quickly in the future.

Timeline widget show only one tweet
Twitter widget with advanced search missing title

Thanks guys for quick recovering service :slight_smile: .:clap:


Thank you :slight_smile: for fast response
All is working now on my side

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