Widget not updating ( not even in configurator )


Are some ( less used ) feeds less updated ?
Even in the widget configurator the feed isn’t updated with a tweet more than 3 hours old.

I created another widget that is a very active feed ( zerohedge ) and that get’s updated both in the configurator and in the widget on my web page.

not updated :
Tweets by @TorGuard

updated :
Tweets by @zerohedge

I just tried creating a new widget for torguard, even then the feed is not up to date.

Is this a temperary issue ?


well it just updated with a new tweet. ( for torguard ) but a tweet from 4 hours ago is missing in the widget, which shows up in the twitter app ( osx )


In the widget settings, you can choose if you want the widget to display replies or not (not including replies is the default). Are you sure that was not the problem?


No in the widget the tweet is still missing. the missing tweet is from that users timeline.
So using the twitter app for user torguard. i see a meesage 8h old, 12h old and 5d old.
in the widget I see 8h old and 22 nov. ( the 12h old is missing )

All 3 are torguard @torguard. the 12h old might be a retweet.
I just unchecked that reply box, and then the tweet shows up.
sorry for the confusion. Shouldn’t there be a difference between a reply and a retweet ?