Widget not displaying on my site


I am very new to all this but I opened an account on twitter tonight because I wanted to put a feed onto our website.

I went to widgets,
chose the ‘User Timline’ widget
entered all the details, setting height to 400px.
saved and the preview on the right showed the two test tweets I had done.

copied the code at the bottom of the page as instructed and then pasted this code into a table, 220px wide, cell on a php page template, using dreamweaver

Updated all the pages based on the template, and uploaded the pages to our live server.

All I get showing on the page is one line of text saying, Tweets by @fgeorobinson .

If I click on this text, which is a link, it takes me to my page in Safari.

What have I done wrong, I wanted to have my tweets scrolling on the site.

Could someone please help.


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