Widget link color not working


I tried to set data-link-color="#6DE9FF" but with no luck, also I tried to change it in the widget settings but nothing happened … links are still all same dull grey … here is my embed code …

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Everything else works fine … nofooter noborders noscrollbar transparent work great and so on …

Help Please !!!


data-link-color only affects the link color within the tweet text itself. It will not update the color of the other links inside the widget (e.g. timestamp link to permalink page). I tested out your combination of options on my own widget and it worked just fine. If this is not the case, please reply with more details about your browser and preferably a page that shows the failure case.


Hi, i have the same problem. i cant change the link color within the tweet.

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I tested out your code and it works as expected i.e. I see links in tweets in #9FCF67. Could you provide more information so we can help you here?