Widget issue, on hashtag




Not sure if this is the correct category. I apologize if not!

My issue is that I want to display a timeline widget for a specific hashtag (#dmakademin). I followed the links in the documentation, which basically directs me here:


I tried creating a widget, and it does display the latest three tweets. But when I try to “Load more”, I just get “There are no more Tweets in this timeline.”. Which isn’t right, since the search query displays a lot more:


Could you guys guide me to what the problem might be? I tried adding “data-tweet-limit” and setting it to 10, but I still only get three.


There is a 7 day limit on search timelines, so anything older than 1 week will not be displayed in the widget.



Thank you for the quick response.

So there’s no way to display tweets from a hashtag older than this?


You could do it using a Collections timeline, but you’d have to add the Tweets to the collection manually using TweetDeck.