Widget is not working on my blog


I own a blog on blogspot, and I tried to install Twitter widget to show my timeline.
Problem : when I’m in the layout, I can either click on ‘Preview’ or ‘View my blog’.
When I click on ‘Preview’ (appearance version of the blog), the twitter widget is here like I want it.
When I click on ‘View my blog’ (real version of my blog), there is only a sentence : "Tweets by @me"
Can someone help me please ?
This is driving me crazy !


Having the same problem, and I agree this is driving me nuts!!! For me the widget works on my PC, but if I view my site on a mac, iphone, or my google nexus 7 the widget is blank and the text just says “Tweets by @mytwitteraccount” Here is an image of what it looks like for me: http://s11.postimage.org/6d6fn9itt/twitterwidget.png

Somebody please help us! :frowning:


The exact same thing is happening for me. Just a link that says Tweets by @myname. Frustrating!


Have the same thing. This issue should be addressed. Bugs happen, but I’m surprised there’s no official response from developers/twitter.


Okay, everyone. I think I’ve figured it out. When you type in your domain name, drop the “www”. This worked for me.


Drop the “www” in your domain. This worked for me.

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