Widget in forum sidebar sends CPU mad


I have had the widget in my sidebar here http://thecurecommunity.freeforums.net/forum for 6 months. It was set to show tweets “by” @curecommunity. Since Friday the widget is causing my CPU to ramp up to 90%+ usage. To remedy this I changed to a “about” @curecommunity widget. So far so good. Except it doesn’t show tweets from @curecommunity anymore. Rather every tweet in the timeline except the community’s tweets. I have tried changing the widget to display tweets “by” @pistabcsi (my personal acc.) That caused the CPU to go crazy again. I’d prefer the “by” option for the forum display, as it’s more relevant in terms of content. Any ideas what I can do to get back to seeing the community’s “by” timeline without killing processors all over the world?. [browser is safari 10, with OSX El Capitan if it helps]


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