Widget ID Number no longer appears in timeline widget


I have already created a timeline widget (about a year ago) when I did this I was able to generate code that included an 18 digit widget number. Now, the widget creator has drastically changed and the code that is generated does not include a widget number. I run training sessions for my employer and I am trying to pass along directions on how to embed timelines on Office 365 subsites using apps such as “Connect”. These apps require the 18 digit ID. My trainees that have not previously set up a timeline widget do not have access to their 18 digit ID.
I have read other discussions and found that some recommend to create a widget and go back into the widget and copy the widget ID from the URL. This does not work as the only widget I can create that generates a new “clickable” widget is a “search” widget. An 18 digit widget ID IS generated by this does not display timelines, rather it only displays search results.


Twitter’s embedded timelines no longer require a widget ID. You may generate markup at publish.twitter.com. An embedded search timeline is the exception.

Could you please provide a link to the tool requesting a widget ID?


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