Widget Height Issues


In the following script there is initially one tweet at an acceptable height. Then the next tweets that roll through expand the box due to the height being in auto.

What I want is for the height to stay constant like on the initial load, but for other tweets to be able to load in on a one by one basis so that the next tweet to load just replaces the previous one.



your “rpp: 5,” makes that it shows up to 5 tweets. If you change that to 1, only 1 tweet will show.
That way you won’t have a second one who is expanding your feed box.


It seems the twitter height is being ignored when I post the widget to my website. Instead its height measured by how many tweets its posting. If I set it to 5 its too long and 4 its to short. its ignoring the 270 px i’m setting it at.

here is my code


I need high wedget issue


I need to get high widget issue


I’m not quite understanding the issue you’re presenting, but the height of the widget isn’t going to be ignored unless it’s within a larger IFRAME. Even then, I may be wrong.

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