Widget flashing/blinking in IE8 and 9



We have recently loaded a new widget which was created on the Twitter site onto our website and the bottom portion blinks continuously when using IE8 and IE9. This isn’t happening across the other browsers and also appears correctly in IE10.

Does anyone know how to rectify?



Same problem here. The button/link area at the bottom of the widget keeps flasing…
Any idea help on this?


This is happening with some of our IE8 PCs but not others! Is there a fix yet?



Hi everyone. We’ve had a few reports of this too and like you, haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it yet. We’re working on it this week.


Hi. Has anyone found a fix for this? I am experiencing the same problem and can’t find a way around it.


Or, might there be a way to simply remove that portion of the widget? If so, what part of the code do I need to delete? @BenWard