Widget doesn't work


Hi I just tried to create a twitter feed for a website on https://twitter.com/settings/widgets but it doesn’t seem to work, it only displays “Tweets by @TwitterHandle” as a link that goes to my profile Twitter page - how come? How do I get the feed displayed???



any ideas? :o
The url is http://athleticedgefitness.com/ and i placed it in the right side bar on the bottom…


I get the same problem. For me, the widget shows up when I view it on a PC, but it does not show up when viewed on any Mac, my iphone, or my Nexus 7 tablet. This is what I see when I access my site from any of those devices which it doesn’t appear to be compatible with:

http://s11.postimage.org/6d6fn9itt/twitterwidget.png <<Notice the large blank area with text at the top that reads “Tweets by @mytwittername

somebody help please!


the same thing is happening to me so i would be very grateful if someone could help.


I am having an issue with no tweet showing on webpage.(http://wyan.suffolk.lib.ny.us/index.htm) for some reason I am now getting a “Twitter Offline” message in the twitter box.
I am using the codes “html://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/MYUSERNAME.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=1”

Any suggestions?


I am having the same problem (http://popsiclemusic.com/contact/) just displays the loading text, I’m using this too

any ideas anyone???


Your URL is outdated and retired. See this FAQ for more information:



This was driving me crazy too on this page:

I finally figured out that on the widget creation page where it asks for the domain you will place the widget on, it differentiates between the www.puertoviejosatellite.com and puertoviejosatellite.com so I had to put both domains in the Domains (Enter the domains of the sites where you’ll be embedding this timeline) box.

Now it finally renders. That instruction should really be added to the widget page…


Thanks @puertoviejosat - yeah, I had figured this out too but failed to update this thread, sorry to everyone affected…



Sorry people but I still not getting this widget code to work! I’ve included the relevant domains but it just doesn’t display the tweets but just the link :frowning: Is there anything else I am missing or other tricks because I am going no where fast!


I couldn’t get the widget to display either, and this helped me!!! I will be sure to pass this along. I agree, this information should be noted in the widget creation area.


Same problem, tried it on wix & wordpress set it all up, enter all the different variations of my site address (http:// www. etc.) copy and paste the html and save and refresh the site and both six and wordpress just read; ‘Tweets about “example”’

Please help as I’ve tried to do this a dozen times and wasted the majority of my Saturday getting it to work :frowning: Thanks, Mickey


Hi Mickey, did you ever get this to work? trying to find a fix!!


This doesn’t work…


I tried yesterday to embed a twitter widget in a webpage intended to be seen offline. It was impossible at the beginning because the content of the TL didn´t appear. When i seeked for a solution here, i thought that it was because it was a local umpublished html document, but i tried something that worked for me…and for my students too.

I don´t know if it´s an issue, but in the code:

Tweets por @darthvader

I saw what seemed an error for me. I changed the code “src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" to "src=“https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” (add “https:”) and worked fine!

Is me or Twitter widget is generating wrong code?


I tried changing my code as you said… but every time I save my code to my web page, the java portion gets commented out. <!— is added to the front end and —> to the back. Why would it do this?

Tweets by @FoodTools_Inc


A tip that might work for any of you using Chrome with extensions such as ‘Do Not Track Me’ or Ad Blocker - switch these off for the twitter feed to appear.

Hope that helps.