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Hi! First of all, I’m not a developer but I’m working with one…
I bought a wordpress template that includes a Twitter widget which supposedly will show my latest tweets on my website - after creating an app and inserting all the keys and token on my site it doesn’t show my feed. The developer run several tests and says that there seems to be a problem connecting the widget to my host server. I’ve contacted my host - hostinger.com.br - and they guarantee they aren’t experiencing problems with Twitter API.
Maybe the problem is with Twitter, maybe the host is blocked, or…I don’t know…Can somebody help me out?
Thank you!


You may show your latest Tweets on your website using an embedded user timeline. Copy and paste the generated markup into a text / html widget for display.

Twitter does not provide support for third-party software such as your theme purchase.


Thanks Niall. Can I use this on Wordpress?
Anyway, the widget should work because it is working fine for other people. The theme developer is not the problem here. I think it is some kind of conflict between my host and Twitter API. I actually found a couple of google entries confirming that Twitter blocked hosts such as Hostinger. I just wanted to confirm that it is not the case here.


You may use an embedded user timeline on WordPress. The most common use is copy and pasting generated markup into a text / HTML widget.

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