Widget does not show up on Macintoshes


I have a widget placed on our website (http://soysource.net/) and we were able to see it fine on all of our Macintoshes. Then approximately on October 14th the widget disappeared. I thought it was completely missing but then we discovered that users on PCs could still see it. And now I find that we can see it using Safari as long as we are using OS X 10.5.8 or above. We can not see the widget with Firefox with 10.5.8. If we are using 10.4.11 we can not see the widget with either FireFox or Safari.

Is there some setting in Twitter that changed in mid October that altered the coding and now prevents Twitter widgets from appearing on the configurations mentioned above? Is there anyway to make widgets universally accessible again?

I did find that someone using LION was able to see the widget using FireFox.


Strange. Are there any Javascript errors logged to the console of either Safari or Firefox’s developer tools?



How would I check that? I have gone into the Dev Tools on Firefox and there were a ton of messages. I have never cleared it since I started using it so there so many errors I would not be able to isolate one. Therefore, I cleared them so I could isolate any messages and then browsed to our site but I was not given any errors then. Is that how I should be looking at that? Any ideas?



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