Widget displays too many tweets on iOS


Using the standard widget in the right column of a page, which shows up fine in all other environments (displays with a scroll bar). Looks like all versions of iOS (except 4.0, which shows only the most recent tweet), the scroll bar is removed and about twenty tweets display on the page (the site is responsive, so they stack below the main content). In iOS 7, the container has about 500p of blank space below the last tweet. Anyone else come across this, and how to solve? Would prefer either a scroll bar or a much lower limit of tweets being displayed (last 2 - 4 would be sufficient).


Is there a URL you could provide me with that demonstrates the problem you’re seeing?




Also, to clarify: Android also shows only the latest tweet. It’s just the later iOS having the issue.


Thanks for sharing the link, I’m able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing. I’ll add this to our backlog and hopefully get back to you soon with a fix.


The mobile.css stylesheet for that web page contains the following:

iframe	{
  max-width: 100%;
  height: auto;

The height: auto; declaration is the culprit here. If you remove that declaration, it should work as expected (although there’s a chance it could have other side effects).

This is still a scenario widgets.js should account for so I’ve gone ahead and added implementing a fix for this to our backlog.


Hey, thanks! We’ll give it a shot and let you know if it doesn’t work out. We very much appreciate your speedy response/resolution recommendation, as well as adding to the queue for future attention. :slight_smile:

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