Widget Displaying Months Old Tweets



I have a twitter widget directly embedded in my Wordpress template (not via any plugins) The most recent tweets its displays are two months old. (http://mayiclaim.co.uk/)

I logged into Twitter to create a new, replacement widget, assuming there had been some update. When I log in, my timeline is up to date, but as I created a new widget, the tweets it displayed in the customisation screen are the same two-month-old tweets, and when I embed the new code, likewise.

Any thoughts?

Many Thanks.


Your website displays the latest Tweets from Twitter user MayIClaim. The most recent Tweet from that account was posted on June 28.


No, no it wasn’t!


I’m not sure when you took that screenshot, but I’ve just checked both the profile page and also via the API, and I agree with @niall that the most recent Tweet appears to be from Jun 28. Perhaps some Tweets were posted and then deleted?


Sorry, no, I took that screenshot yesterday, after @niall’s kind response. Still displaying happily in my feed. This appears to be the crux of the issue. Twitter-folk and the Widget cannot see them but non-twitter folk visiting the twitter page, https://twitter.com/mayiclaim can.

Careful, these tweets are like Fairies - every time you say they don’t exist, another one dies…


Haha :smile:

This is really odd though.

Are you able to get the Tweet ID for one of these mystery Tweets? easiest way would be to right-click on the date of the Tweet in grey on the top line, copy the URL, and paste it into a post. That way we can take a look at the specific Tweet via the API and see what is going on.



Here you go; https://twitter.com/MayIClaim/status/634047428790849536


Thanks - investigating.


Alright - I have a working theory.

I pulled the Tweet using the API, and it shows up with a scopes attribute. These are used when the Tweet has been targeted using the Ads platform. Based on the associated place ID, it looks like this is scoped for geotargeting to the UK.

I’m guessing a bit here, but a) I’m not sure promoted / scoped Tweets are supported in widgets and/or b) perhaps the server where the site hosting the widget is running isn’t seen as being in the geo region, for some reason.

I’m still slightly surprised that I can’t see the Tweet in your timeline since I’m located in the UK… I’ll see what else I can learn about this, but I’ll need to chat to the Ads team about it.


Thanks Andy,

I use Sprout Social to schedule tweets and must have set the target audience option in there, rather than the ads platform. This is a start, as it means I’ll just reset it to global for now and should start seeing new ones appear.

A bigger issue for you though I guess. Thanks for your help.