Widget display anomaly in Chrome on Windows 10



We are using a widget feed in the sidebar of a website and recently noticed a display issue in Chrome on Windows 10: tweet headers show the name (text) overlapping the logo (both aligned left), where this text should be to the right of the logo, and not overlapping anything.

This does not appear in Chrome on Windows 7 or OS X (Macs), or in Firefox, IE or Edge on Windows 10. So far it seems to only affect Chrome on Windows 10.

Has anyone else had this issue, and can anyone advise a fix for it?



To clarify, is the logo from the widget or from your site?


It’s from the widget. You can see it here: kimorr.ca.



Hi Jake,

Did you have a chance to look at this?



Yeah, it seems like the browser is incorrectly rendering the author name. There may be some things we can do to trigger an additional layout to get this to render correctly, but it comes with a potential performance cost. When I get time, I’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

Something you could do that may solve the issue is add data-chrome="noscrollbar" to your embed code. This will render the timeline without a vertical scrollbar (which may or may not be suitable for your use case). The extra horizontal space should be enough to render the entire name. I wish I could offer a better solution, but this is the simplest thing that comes to mind.


OK, thanks. I don’t know if you noticed this on your end, but here the first item in the feed displays correctly (the name is truncated with an ellipses)

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