Widget Creation Help



I am trying to create a widget that will embed my timeline, but i want to apply a date range to the tweets shown. For example, page one will show tweets for the month of January, and page two may show the tweets for a week in March.

The idea is I can embed a timeline to cover an event, and that page will always look like it did due to the date range cap. In effect the embeded timeline caps as the end of the event.

If i don’t have a date range cap, then the historic pages fail come time.

I have considered using the search function but can’t see how i can do it, so that it will include my original tweets as well as retweets. I can only get it to work with original tweets.

Hoping someone can help my attempts at garnering new skills and knowledge…


The embedded search timeline only includes recent Tweets: ~7 days. Scoping a search to January will display no Tweets.


Ok. Ruling search out is there a way to add an “until date” function to a user streamed timeline.