Widget conflicting with JS load content event


Hey guys,

I’ve got a site that uses JS load content to cover navigation via hashtags - It populates the main content div. The home page is the only page that has the twitter widget on it. The navigation works just fine without the widget, but as soon as i add it, the navigation fails to a simple white screen with no content loaded. The problem seems to be that it wont load the new content and i get the message “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘page’ of undefined”. I haven’t worked much with twitter integration so im quite lost where to start. I’d appreciate any expertise.


Hi Chris,

Our code should be completely sandboxed, and I can think of no immediate reason why there should be a conflict caused by other requests in the page. But if there’s a conflict being caused I’d like to investigate it and clean it up. Could you share a link to your page and I’ll see if I can reproduce it. Are you using a particular framework for your #! navigation?



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