Widget configuration for website



I’m attempting to update the twitter scroll widget code on my website, but I’m not seeing what is previewed after incorporating the code. Specifically, on the Widgets configuration menu, I select the ‘User Timeline’ option, select the appropriate options and hit ‘create widget’. The html code gets created and when I incorporate it onto my website, I don’t see what the preview indicates for the scroll. Instead, I see the phrase, “Tweets by @nycpubcrawl”, which links to my twitter page. Is there something incorrect in the widget html code? How can I incorporate the entire scroll, similar to what I see on the Widget configuration preview?


That’s what I get too. Actually, I am having multiple problems with embedding my twitter feed, leading to max frustration:
i) When I create the widget, the preview half of the page is just blank. Nothing shows. The coding is present however.
ii) When I paste the code to my html, the bit that has “var js” seems to automatically lose its space. I then get a “varjs” is undefined error. Typing the space back in puts a return in instead and does not solve the problem. Having tried for ages, nothing I do seems to work.
iii) If I just ignore issue ii), I end up with the same problem as @nycpubcrawl anyway.

Any and all help gratefully received :slight_smile: