Widget code does not work


I’ve created a widget which presented the following code for me to copy and paste:

Tweets by @4peaksake

However the only piece of the widget that displays in my webpage is - “Tweets by @4peaksake

I’m using Dreamweaver as editing software and I’m pasting the code directly into the design.

Can someone help?


there’s an error in the code so that --> //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js needs to be changed to that --> http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js :slight_smile:


Tried this, no go.


when I use that code and past JUST that code in note pad and save as HTML it works but when I add it to my site, no show… and the fix “http://” is a burn too.


New threads at my site at www.gdf.tv do make it to my twitter account @alltopicsforum, but, these threads do not make it to the Twitter search results for our chosen hash tags, and they also then do not appear in the Twitter block?

If I make a tweet within the Twitter account @alltopicsforum that tweets shows up in the Twitter search results, but still does not appear in the Twitter block?

What’s the solution?

Please email me directly at: admin@ukeconomytv.ltd.uk



I maintain many websites - and ALL of my Twitter feeds / widgets are down and stopped working. Each is embedded in a different way. I’ve been reading up that Twitters API has changed or something?? I am a designer, not a programmer. Does someone have a simple answer?? Thank you :slight_smile:

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