Widget and sensible content


I’m very frustated by the fact that the simplest way to embed twitter time lines, the twitter widget, seems not working.

I create a widget which captures a particular hashtag and I’ve noticed that not all tweets were captured once the widget was embedded in a web site.
To be clear, I notice 3 types of different inexpicables behaviours regarding users and tweets:

  • users whose tweets always show in the widget
  • users whose tweets (which aren’t sensible content) never show in the widget but show in the preview only if the safe mode is disabled, this is simply absurd: first of all because twitter seems not mark a content as sensible but a user (whithot any reason), second because the preview is diffent from the “real view” once you embed the widget
  • users whose tweets never show no matter if the the safe mode option is enabled or not

I searched for that problem but i haven’t found similar questions so I hope someone could help me to find a logic and, hopefully, a solution,