Widespread Errors : App OAuth login, and Rest/Streaming API errors



We have just started (last hour) seeing a range of issues across different parts of the Twitter API. The first one is preventing login to the site using Twitter OAuth (at least 4 different ‘service unavailable’, ‘Something is technically wrong’ type errors returned at different stages). We are also seeing regular (though not always) 5XX (‘Something is technically wrong.’) errors on the REST API when trying to download tweets, and also not getting any results coming through on the streaming API, where there normally is a constant stream of data.




i am getting “something went wrong” as well with OAuth login for my app as well. Is there any official announcement …


We are experiencing the same problem. oAuth logins not work, “something is technically wrong” page (which we’re even seeing as a response to the oAuth login sequence itself).

Any clues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


There was a short outage earlier - apologies for the inconvenience - things should have returned to normal operation at this time.


Thanks Andy. Seems as though it may have flared up again just in the last 20 minutes or so. Right now we are seeing high levels of “InternalServerError : ‘Something is technically wrong.’” 500’s coming from the REST API. OAuth seems OK, and there seemed to be a minor hiccup on streaming API before, but that seems to have resolved OK now.




Apologies, we’re aware of some issues. Thank you.