Why, when I ask for 100 tweets less than 100 are returned?


My search has count=100 but I am getting less than that back. I immediately make a subsequent call and more Tweets are returned. With the 1.0 API, when I asked for 100 Tweets (rpp=100) it returned 100. This is really causing my app problems.


See this FAQ question for a summary. Our count parameters behave more like “up to” parameters. The requested count is the maximum number of values we’ll return, not the minimum. There are many factors that may result in receiving fewer per call.



Thank you. On my second and subsequent calls I am using since_id and max_id.

If I make a call with since_id and max_id and q=cat, and it returns no tweets, then I immediately make the same call again and it returns tweets, is that to be expected?