Why we need token and validation to read the tweets in JSON format to display the content in custom format?




Why we need OAuth(token) and validation to read the tweets ? because we can embedded the tweets by using " Tweets by @TwitterDev ", it will render all tweets on site, then why we need token, authorization on getting tweets (in JSON format), because we tried to read the tweet content (read only purpose)

Any one could explain why?



The embeds are a web-only display solution. The underlying data does not include all of the information available from the API, just enough to provide the text and images required for display.

All access to the Twitter API and underlying JSON data requires an approved developer account, a developer application, and a consumer key and consumer token for OAuth purposes.


@andypiper thanks for the update.

I just tried to display the tweets on my site with custom design, so that i have select JSON, by using this we can design as we wish. also i have plan to change the account url frequently. but every i could not create key and token to get JSON.

Do you have any idea to handle this.



You will need to apply for a developer account https://t.co/apply-for-access

You must also respect the display requirements https://developer.twitter.com/en/developer-terms/display-requirements