Why Twitter widget is not showing some users?


We have a Widget on our website (Twitter Search) using a search like this: search: ‘celesfassbinder OR bwnnoticias OR diegomur OR fabianageraldi OR annarabagliati OR Marielapower OR noendesapuelo OR bolsonweb OR diegoignaciomur OR etcharrenlau OR LuciaFassbinder OR yocreoenbwn OR LauraHentschel’, and It is showing only 4 random users. Why?
Also this users were not penalized and they are not protecting their Tweets.


The search API does not make any guarantees of completeness. The proper way to show tweets from a collection of users is by creating a Twitter List for them and then using the Twitter List widget to display their tweets instead.


You mean a Hashtag?


By including a Hashtag in our names for example?


I dont’ understand :frowning:


How can I create a Twitter List and a Twitter list widget?

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