Why twitter links open in a bizarre look in mobile devices?



when i post a link in twitter, twitter adds “amp/?__twitter_impression=true” at the end of my link. And when or any person click this link through twitter in a mobile device, it opens in a black background and bizzare looking webpage which is totally different than the original one. this looks very unprofessional and lose followers for our project. So please check some of the links through our twitter account @iem_student and see in your mobile. I have no idea how can I fix it.


Does your website declare support for AMP in the header tags?

We cannot comment on how apps render websites here, but our documentation on Accelerated Mobile Pages may help you as a developer to optimise for and understand the impact of AMP on your site.


Thanks for the email.
I am a very novice user and I do not think that I will understand AMP details.

The website I am running is under wordpress and there is an AMP app which automatically comes with it.

I am not sure what it is mean “Does your website declare support for AMP in the header tags?”

Can you explain a bit?


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