Why Twitter flagged my website as potentially harmful?


Hello! My website banyas.ru was flagged as potentially harmful, but it’s clean and never been used for spaming and something like that. I’m just telling people about building Russian Banyas (Baths, Saunas) and sharing my experience and knowledge with public.

I wrote about this mistake to e-mail support, but there’s silence and no reply from them.

So, here is the Google’s diagnostic report of my website: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://banyas.ru
There is no any warnings or violations, but it’s still flagged as potentially harmful by Twitter.
Please, take action to correct this mistake. Thanks for your attention!

Best regards, Mikhail!


There were some issues yesterday with Spamhaus marking many domains as potentially malicious yesterday. While that may be your issue, if it is not this FAQ question should help:



Thank you Taylor, but I’ve already seen this FAQ and tried to contact support, but nobody answered. That’s why I decided to ask about my problem here.


So, does Twitter’s support work or not?
Is there anybody else, who can help?