Why? Twitter button SPLITS the content :-(



I want to make my completely custom tweet button on my Wordpress site. But the button splits the sharing text :-S

That’s an example of the HTML output in one of my posts:

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But, by clicking on the button, the predefined text string shows this:

Cómo haría mi propio @Google: el buscador ideal http://j.mp/1epEmvW

As you can see, it ignores the content after the URL (like the hashtag or the picture) :frowning: Why it does and what can I do to display the whole text?

Thank you so much!


Because you’re setting URL parameters you need to encode your #, which otherwise indicates a document fragment and doesn’t get sent to the server. Change your URL to this:

https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?&text=Cómo haría mi propio @Google: el buscador ideal http://j.mp/1epEmvW %23SEO http://pic.twitter.com/NCOuzbJMN8

Or, perhaps better yet, use the Web Intent parameters hashtags and url:

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