Why there is no redirect_uri parameter for Web Intents. When can we expect this option?


Consider this scenario: I have a form. User has 2 checkboxes: [x]publish on Facebook, [x]publish on Twitter - submitting the form posts the message to selected services

I can do it using API - true, but I don’t want to ask the user to give me publish permissions. I also don’t want to process the whole oauth flow for both social networks.

I don’t want (or even can’t with Twitter) programmatically display popups - this is such a mess!

Most elegant way to do this is to redirect user to twitter web intents dialog then to facebook feed dialog, and then return to my site ( no ugly popups! ). This way user can edit before posting, and he’s more aware of what’s going on.
It’s fairly simple for Facebook, just a redirect to:

for Twitter I can:
and I’m stuck - no redirection

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