Why stream api response "Error 401 Unauthorized"



I use twrl and I authenticate from command line

twurl authorize -u <usr> -p <pass> --consumer-key <key> --consumer-secret <secret>
I typed te PIN and i saw the message “Authentication successful”
Then if execute
twurl -t -d track=#RealMadrid -H stream.twitter.com /1.1/statuses/filter.json

The response is:

Why is this happening? If I authorizated before…

I am doing something wrong?



That’s odd - this works fine for me. What’s the output from twurl accounts, is there an account successfully saved with keys?


Thanks Andy, here is the output,

it’s correct?


Well that shows that there is an account set up with the tool, yes. Weird that the filter stream is not working though. Have you tried any other endpoints? Can you get an individual Tweet?

is the time on your system correct?


Excelent!! Andy the time in my system is incorrect!
Now it works!!
Thanks very much!

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