Why my app `s users` accounts was suspended


Hello , I am an android developer,
this app has a feature which can send message via twitter.
It is not a new version, and I recently update its sdk to the newest one(twitter4j-core-3.0.3.jar),
it worked very well until last week, when I tweeted , the account connected to my app was suspended after I send the first message.
It was suspended less than two or three hours , and then I can appeal to fix it.

I have no idea that if I broke some rules of twitter? Like send familiar contents in a short period or other else? I only send 15 messages per hour via my app…

By the way , the content of my message looks like [@users-account some word [the message user wrote] #a-theme http://a-short-url ], is it legitimate?

If it is Illegal , could anybody tell me how to wrote a legitimate template?
I think I need to use some content template to show some informations to users.

Please forgive my poor English, I am from an English-speaking country.
and I am so thankful if anyone can help me to answer my question or give some suggestions
to resolve the problem or avoid from it.

Did any body meet the same problem?

Thank you very much!


More than 5 days without receiving an answer yet? Twitter support is indeed “brilliant”. I got my app banned too…