Why ma I getting "Looks like you haven't created any applications yet!"?


thats so annoying… I created two applications and it showed once, and disappeared


same here…


When I create an application, it doesn’t show up in the applications list and I can’t authenticate to it from my application.

I can delete an application, but it still shows in the list and I get “Invalid auth/bad request” when I open it.

I can update an existing application, but when I open it afterwards, it doesn’t reflect any changes.


have a look in your browser history for a url like this…
https://dev.twitter.com/apps/[your app #]

the apps are still there, but just not showing up on the “My applications” page for some reason.


Yup, me too!! Argh… I’ve created 3 of them, they work for 5mins and then stop… Any idea on what’s happening?



I’m getting this, too. I’m creating a feed for a client, and it works for around five minutes and then stops.

If you keep the application settings page open, you can update the settings (without changing anything) and it will work again for five minutes or so. I’m hoping this gets resolved tomorrow.


Same problem here, tried re-making it again and said the name was already in use… so it obviously still exists


okay, apparently it just doesn’t want to show up in the “My Applications” list, but it is still there and is still accessible- I just went into my history and found the app number/url for it and I got back in. Inconvenient and silly but it’s there.