Why isn't it possible to change more theming aspects of the timeline widget?


I was surprised recently to find the older method of calling tweets has stopped being supported, the one using the simple javascript call that worked flawlessly for a long time. That now doesn’t work anymore, so I’ve had to find a widget quickly to embed the latest tweets on my clients’ websites. I used the out-of-the-box timeline (as I quite simply shouldn’t have to use the REST API to display a three-line tweet on a web page) but it’s unthemable.

I understand that it’s all in a dynamically-generated iframe (so no access to stylesheets to change the theming, and no overriding of themes) but is there a reason the theming aspect of this widget is locked down totally? If I could understand that, I suppose it would help me try and find a solution. It doesn’t make any sense right now.