Why is twitter-text so hard to find?



I have been spending most of today on finding out how to validate hashtags. That resulted in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36895543/which-characters-are-allowed-in-hashtags and a LOT of frustration. Untill I discovered twitter-text because someone mentioned it at aforementioned Stackoverflow question.

Why is it so hard to find?

Searching https://dev.twitter.com for "twitter-text"only yields two results. TWO RESULTS!!! And this software that twitter-text is seems to be defining standards for usernames, hashtags and more. Why does it then seem so unmentioned?


Agreed! really useful stuff like twitter-text or HosebirdClient should probably be more prominent in the docs.


Good feedback. We’re working on some improvements to the docs at the moment so I’ll add additional links to twitter-text where I can.


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