Why is this tweet over 140 characters?


I am trying to tweet the following tweet:

M. M. Sauffer ‘The Dragon Beshrewed’ eBook for #free http://dealnews.com/M.-M.-Sauffer-The-Dragon-Beshrewed-eBook-for-free/1255180.html?iref=rss-dealnews-todays-edition #DealNews

I realize it is 178 chars long, but I do believe that URLs should be shortened to 22 chars by Twitter so it should only be 85 chars long:

2.1.2 :002 > “M. M. Sauffer ‘The Dragon Beshrewed’ eBook for #free 1234512345123451234512 #DealNews”.size
=> 85

Any ideas?


That is right, there should be no problem tweeting this.


After you put it in on twitter.com in the tweet box, press Send, it will show you the same error, it’s too long somehow…


I have the same issue for some reason the hashtags and via are counted as additional to 140 chars even though the text, url, hashtags & via altogether are well below 140 chars e.g.
Read More - Be Wired in the Digital World aaaaabbbbbcccccdddddee #seered via @paintnblack -->86 chars, 24 over limit

Read More - Be Wired in the Digital World #seered via @paintnblack aaaaabbbbbcccccdddddee -->86 chars, 24 over limit
however once the hashtags and via are removed in both cases the character value goes back down to 140 exactly with 0 characters remaining. I am assuming it is the count algorithm and that the algorithm is a bit screwy i.e. (text (with hashtags and via extracted) + unshortened url length up to 140 char even though the url alone is greater than 100 char) + hashtags and via counts
so you could have a url or hashtags but not both and this here lies the problem. Because every single piece of documentation indicates that this should work especially for web intents where text, hashtags, via and url are separated into query parameters and all assurances the urls are will be shortened in the process. Perhaps you might want the ugly solution of preshortening the url so it can be shortened again but really the count you would think would not be this screwy.


On twitter.com that shows 51 charactors available which is what I would expect since it’s 89 charactors.