Why is there no way to report an account that is posting sexually explicit images?


Why is there no way to report an account that is posting sexually explicit images and/or images that are X rated?


Do you mean via the API, or via the Twitter website and apps?

In the case of the apps and website, you can report accounts by using the “Block or report” option, and using the “File a report” option inside that to mark a tweet as having sensitive content.

On the API, we have a report spam endpoint, but other actions are currently restricted to the use of Twitter client apps.

For more information on these issues please see our Support pages on this topic.


What I don’t understand however is when you select block and report the reasons that come up don’t include an option initially to select explicit picture. So then when you select report a violation it gives a long list of options and headings. When I selected reporting a violation it told me I had to give ID verification and allow my details as the ‘affected’ to be shared with third parties.

However I have not been the one to post explicit pictures I would not want to share my details with a third parties who do. These pictures should not be circulating through your social media stream. It should be simpler and easier to report and it is your responsibility to investigate every single report!

This is a major issue and the processes in place are not good enough I would expect them to be revised immediately.


Thanks for your reply. This forum is not a for general product support questions, you should raise questions and concerns via the Support pages.

Use the “sensitive image” option as below.

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