Why is the text of tweets sometimes truncated?


When I use Get Search/tweets to retrieve tweets with the REST API v1.1 sometimes the text of the tweet is truncated, i.e. instead of the last part of the tweet, there are three dots. For example, the API returns JSON like this:
“created_at”:“Wed Dec 19 09:40:09 +0000 2012”,
“text”:“RT @phidikezz: “@mr_maina: RT @kainvestor: The struggle is
real :slight_smile: http://t.co/gKC6ZbjW <— this should be the tweet of the year *wi
“source”:”\u003ca href=“http://twitter.com/download/android” rel=“n
ofollow”\u003eTwitter for Android\u003c/a\u003e",


But the whole as displayed on https://twitter.com/mussmuss/status/281333085495250944 is:
"@mr_maina: RT @kainvestor: The struggle is real :slight_smile: http://yfrog.com/kfk5rojj <— this should be the tweet of the year wipes tears" @sickolia_

When I retrieve the same tweet with the API v1 I get the complete text. Is there any way to retrieve the full text of the tweet using the API v1.1? Or can it be fixed somehow?

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These are likely retweets. Retweets are special kinds of tweets with an additional node called “retweeted_status” – the original, unaltered tweet text of the original tweet is in the text field of retweeted_status, not the top-most text field like traditional tweets.


Thanks a lot. They were indeed retweets. Also there were no urls in the entities for these retweets. Another problem solved!