Why is the t.co wrapper not being activated


Hi there,

We have a tweet button on our website. However, it doesn’t share shortened urls anymore (the t.co kind), instead it shares our website url which is quite long and this mixed in with our headlines means that we are usually over the character limit.

For example see here: http://imgur.com/JC5Fe

How do we get the twitter button to automatically use the shortened t.co link?

I’ve had to change from using our seo page title as the text in our twitter share copy instead of the headline, which is quite frustrating.



From what I can tell, it’s working fine. Though it will display that full long URL in the tweet dialog, the counter reveals it represents only 20 characters of the 140 character total. Knowing that your URL will be that short, you need to make sure your prepared text accounts for that. Your prepared text needs to be shorter than 119 characters (to also account for the space before the t.co link).

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