Why is the extended_entities object not available for hashtag searches?


I am trying to check for a post type of video for a hashtag search through the Twitter API. It looks like Twitter returns the extended_entities object for timeline searches but not for hashtag searches.

To demonstrate take the following ID for this post:


And look for it in either of these API calls…

Search by User’s Timeline — under extended_entities->media->type it is set to video.

Search by Hashtag — there is not extended_entities object and type = video is recorded nowhere in the response:

So the issue seems to be the Twitter does not return an extended entities object for posts returned on a hashtag search.

I can find no other documentation on this. Does anyone know:

  1. Why the object extended_entities is not available for hashtag searches.
  2. How I can work around this to get back the post type.

Any help is much appreciated.


This is a known problem currently. On searches there are no extended entities in case of videos attached to the Tweet. (See this post)