Why is that 'see summary' is not always working?



It looks like, once you’ve published a tweet, ‘see summary’ only shows in a certain number of tweets. Why is that?

Thank you!




Hello Tristán,

The “View Summary” functionality is displayed when the URLs your are sharing in your Tweets are implementing Twitter Cards.

If you’re asking for a website you own, please check out the documentation on how to enable Twitter Cards on your domain and let us know if you have any questions!



Thanks for the fast answer Romain!

I’ve Twitter Cards implemented and approved by Twitter. The issue is that some tweets (form my blog, of course) shows the summary with the Twitter Card and others doesn’t.


Oh right, I understand. Could you please share a link to sample Tweets which don’t have the Summary Card? Thanks!


Of course!

Thank you!

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PD: I didn’t put it as a link, because the platform didn’t allow me to put another link!