Why is oauth/authenticate not silently redirecting? (Using abraham/twitteroauth)



Hey, I’ve been looking around all over the Internet and can’t seem to find the solution to my issue, If I can’t find anything else I’ll probably just drop the library and do regular HTTP requests to the twitter API so it’s easier to debug, but I feel like there’s something obvious I’m not seeing.

Basically everything is working fine, I’m storing the access token for a user signing in by using a session variable for now just fine, the only problem is that if I manually delete the php session or if it runs out of time, the user will have get permission again, even if I am using oauth/authenticate.

I’ve read around and checked for the most common problems:

  • I checked the ‘Allow application to be used to sign in to twitter’
  • Permissions are only read/write, but it does not work with just read + resetting consumer key/secret
  • I am indeed not calling oauth/authorize
  • I’ve tried with more than one twitter account

Other info:

  • I’m testing using Wamp Server and using my own local IP for the callback url (This works fine) but I don’t think that should affecting the fact that the authenticate page does not try to redirect
  • As long as the session variable keeps the access token everything is good, but I want the user to be able to switch accounts / enter from other devices without having to re-authorize
  • I only have one index.html file and I’m using ajax calls to php files to manage everything

Haven’t posted here before and maybe this is way too specific to another wrapper library, sorry if it is!
I’ll try to just use the raw API and see if the same issue happens if that’s the case.

EDIT: Saw that a lot of people are experiencing this lately after some twitter changes and a Twitter dev closing threads for redundancy, feel free to close this thread if it looks like that issue applies to my post and I just had terrible timing picking up the API


This sounds identical to Twitter App permission not honored on subsequent oauth/authenticate calls and other threads. Please let us know if you think this case is unique or different?


Yeah, that’s the thread I talked about on my edit, I only started using the API 3 days ago so it matches the time frame for that issue.

I definitely haven’t gotten oauth/authenticate to ever work even the first time nor in any form of combination with oauth/authorize, they effectively seem to work the same way for me since I started.


I believe that’s the same issue then. I’m working to help with more of an explanation for the background to this recent change. Thank you.