Why is my Twitter search Widget so slow? http://www.pec.nl


My client asked me why his Twitter feed on his website is so slow.
The first tweet is there immediately, but the following tweet is there after more than 60 seconds.
What seems to be the problem?

Thanx in advance.



Hi, this is also happening on all of my widget feeds (since a few days ago). Timing changes in the code are not making a difference with all feeds running at about 34 sec updates. The Twitter set-up widget seems to be running correctly.


Me too, same problem. Slow feed for the past several days, hangs on the first tweet. I thought maybe I’d try rebuilding the feeds just in case.


Yep, having the same issue. The profile widget is ignoring the loop interval and appears to be using the example default of 30 seconds. Even if you reduce the time interval subsequent to grabbing the code, you’re stuck with 30 seconds. All of my client profile widgets have slowed to a crawl. On another post, one of the Twitter folks indicated that they’re playing around with default time intervals but that this would be resolved in “a few days”. I’m not certain who imagined that a 30-second interval would be a good idea under any circumstance.


Did you guys ever find a solution to the problem


i have a problem can u help me