Why is my followers not increasing?


OK, so I post interesting facts in my Twitter account. I have 4,068 tweets and only 105 followers! Other Twitter accounts of these subjects usually have 1,000 or up followers. So how can I increase my followers? I tweet really normally and I am careful not to overtweet. I retweet many things, even if it’s not interesting facts and use hashtags in my tweets. I don’t see the point why my followers don’t increase. I reply to popular tweets, too.

My bio is great to me and I don’t self-promote a lot on my Twitter.

So how can I increase my followers and if you see any problems that is causing me to not increase the followers, reply the problem you see and I’ll try to improve it.


PiGuy Richard @mathandpiguy


Can’t make other people follow you if they don’t want to - I guess you can try promoted tweets to reach more people, but it’s far better to have a small number of followers you know and talk to as opposed to lots of passive accounts that just bump up a number.


But I’m under 18 and I can’t promote my tweets so what do I do?


Only thing left to do is tweet useful things (about Math & Pi?) & participate in conversations within your community - There’s loads of relevant math related stuff out there!

(Also, just imo: i wouldn’t use hashtags the way you’re using them now. Making hashtags out of arbitrary words in your tweets makes you look like a bot)


But I want to tweet interesting facts. I want to make other people be interested. I already have pi videos on my YouTube channel, PiGuy Richard.

So do I just use hashtags on 2-5 words?


Richard Guo


There’s no rules about how to use hashtags or anything - this is just imho: There’s lots of ways to use hashtags, mostly they organise conversations. An example of a good one is #WMW16 (about World Math Week 2016) People read those kinds of hashtags. Things like #time #more #likely aren’t as useful, and the more hashtags you have in a tweet the more it looks like it’s a bot tweeting random stuff just to get attention - hope that helps!


So I’ll just tweet about interesting facts but with no hashtags?


It may seem odd, but the Twitter guide for politicians has a lot of really great advice for using twitter effectively: https://blog.twitter.com/2014/the-all-new-twitter-government-and-elections-handbook


So do you think I should tweet interesting facts on my Twitter? I want to make other people interested in the world and mine is yes, I should tweet them and I even tweeted interesting facts the most since I started my Twitter account.


Please respond to my previous message.


This is not really a question that we can answer on our developer forums, where we are focused on helping developers to use the platform and APIs in their apps. I appreciate that you’d like to grow your following, but this is more of a “how to best use Twitter” question. You’ll find more help and ideas on our Support pages and, if you’re interested in this from a business perspective, we have a Business portal too.