Why have all my photos disappeared?


I am just a Twitter participant, and a dog that has a human do the typing. I seem to be missing all my photos. I have nothing to sell and have been on Twitter for 3 years, but all of my pictures are gone and there is no way to upload any to a photo gallery I can make public. I’m just a dumb little dog about this stuff. Can you explain this all to my owner, including pinning and embedding? Her keyboard shortcuts don’t work either. Thanks. Oh yeah…she only has a desktop computer and no fancy cell phone (it’s pathetically old). No access to anything but texts and dialing directly. Please don’t tell her to “upgrade”. I made her poor @McGeeters aka Leslie Taylor


woof woo-woo wo, Facebook posts don’t show up as embedded media bork bork. Have to use Twitter web / tweetdeck client woof.