Why has smooth autoscrolling stopped in old twitter widget?


Our twitter feed used to scroll between tweets in a smooth animation, but now it just jumps from one to the next. Is there a way to get the smooth scroll back? It is the old widget js code used here: http://www.smith.edu
The new widget does not scale small enough for the space we have and we need auto-scrolling. I figure we will be needing to write our own app now, but if anyone has a suggestion, that would be great. Thanks.



There’s a previous answer to this question over here: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/15736.

The fade was disabled because it caused memory usage problems in Firefox, and since that old widget is being retired as part of the API v1.1 changes in a few months, we chose not to reimplement the animation.

What scale dimensions are you trying to achieve with the new widget? Have you seen the updated documentation with new options for width, height and chrome control? https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines



What a shame that you guys downgrade your product to adapt of the lack of functionality in the slowest browser available.
One could think that it could be up to fireslug to update their product since they are the one with the problem. Another proof that Firef*** isn’t the way to go!


Hi @smithcollege, I saw at the page you provided that it is actually auto scrolling. Any advice about how to implement that?