Why doesn't /users/lookup via POST return 429 error code after you hit the rate limit?


I’ve written some handsome wrapper code to stop making requests for a while if I get rate limited. It detects the HTTP status code 429.

However, when I pass the rate limit on /users/lookup via HTTP POST, I keep getting successful return codes and data on subsequent requests. Strangely, though, once I get into this state, the rate limit headers information headers no longer get returned either.

If I have neither the error code nor the rate limit info headers coming back, how is my code supposed to know that I’ve been rate limited? I want to play by the rules, but it seems to be impossible so far with this particular combination of resource and HTTP verb.

PS Everything works fine when I do this with HTTP GET, but I’m using POST because the docs advise me to do so if I’m making large requests, which I am (usually 100 users per request).