Why does Twitter suspend an application that automatically Tweet reliable content?




Our application has been suspended by Twitter for a few days, so it is impossible to reactivate it.

Hello @xxxxxxx,

This application was permanently suspended for multiple, repeat, and/or severe violations of Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy (unsolicited @mentions).

Due to the severity of the violation, this Twitter API key, along with all other associated applications, are permanently suspended and will not be restored. Additionally, all keys registered for this application in the future will also be suspended.

Twitter Platform Operations

Our app publishes content instead of users based on RSS feeds that they have selected. Every 15 minutes, if new content is posted in RSS feeds, articles are published on Twitter, and other social networks.

How do IFTTT / Zapier and the other sites of the same style not to be suspended their Twitter applications that automate their systems?

Maxence Rose.


We’re unable to comment on individual apps and services here for privacy reasons. You can read our recent policy clarification related to automated and unsolicited @mentions here.


The problem is that the application does not mention anyone, that’s what I do not understand.


The best thing to do would be to open a ticket via the above form, since we’re unable to help with this via the forums (and I have no visibility into what is happening here as these policy matters are handled by a different team).