Why does twitter hate portrait-oriented images in "Summary Card with Large Image"?


hi there :wave:

now that the “photo card” has been deprecated, our twitter:image no longer displays as desired. we exclusively use portrait-oriented images and it seems twitter will crop these now (and crop them badly).

i reviewed the docs for the “Summary Card with Large Image” and didn’t see any mention of cropping or sizing rules that we are obviously breaking. further, when i validate my card, it displays as expected (see attached image)

are there plans to support portrait-oriented images? if not, are there hints we can provide to help you crop things better? (ex: center source image vertically, then crop off top and bottom as appropriate - vs. just taking the top portion).



here’s an example of what i mean by “bad crop”

and what it should look like:


Thanks for your post.

We’re currently working on new Cards formats, and on updating the Cards validator to more accurately reflect the final result. We haven’t been able to fully update all of the docs yet.

At the moment, you’re seeing formats that don’t necessarily work well with portrait images. I’ll bring this to the attention of the Cards team for sure.


thanks @andypiper -

how can i stay abreast of changes in this area? more specifically, will there be guidance on what image aspect ratios are supported?

happy to feed you guys whatever you want but, fwiw, portrait oriented images make up a large portion of our content.


Two ways to keep up-to-date - these forums, and using API Changelog, which is a service that will email you updates to our documentation pages. We’ll certainly look into providing better guidance in the future, but I can’t say when we will be ready to do so just yet.


another example:

what it should look like: